Militants attacking Aleppo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Militants attacking Aleppo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Overnight into 25 October Syrian Aleppo suffered severe shelling from positions of militants from “Idlib” deescalation zone. The explosions took place in 7 residential areas of the city: Azamiya, Akramiya, Shaar, Zuhur, Khaleb Jadida, Hamdaniya, Sifan and in the western and north-western suburbs of Aleppo.

Fresh report by «Russian Spring» from Syrian Arab Republic tells more about that.

In particular, the school was damaged and a car burned down as a result of one of the attacks.

«Russian Spring» war reporters visited the madical institution where the injured had been brought.

10 people with wounds of various degrees of severity were taken to Aleppo University hospital, one of them died, two are in very bad condition — one has a leg shot off, another one is in coma.

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