Syrian militants joined forces with Ukranians and «destroyed» Russian airbase in Syria with twitter-missiles

As reported by «Russian Spring» there was new attempt of makeshift drones attack at Hmeymim airbase in Latakia last night.

Russian military have succesfully downed several UAVs which were trying to attack them.

In the midst of the messages about Russian airbase attack and the photos of the damaged Su-24 terrorists’ media have launched massive propaganda campaign.

Information attack in social media was launched by terrorists’ media groups from Idlib province which is now considered to be their capital. Militants have quickly invented an imaginary movement of the «Free Alawites» («Ahrar Al-Alawi») and started to list «destroyed» Russian militay hardware. They have claimed one C-400 AA mount to be destroyed besides the war planes.

It is peculiar that the delirious nonsense was caught by some Arab and of course the most “trustworthy” Ukrainian media.

«Promised to repeat: air attack on Hmeymim ends in destroying Russian plane and “invincible” С-400 AA mount», — boasts Ukrainian «Диалог.UA».

«Syrian rebels from Ahrar Al-Alawi group claim that they have damaged one plane of Russian agressor and one С-400 antiaircraft defense complex. This is the fourth attack on Moscow’s airbase Hmeymim over the last few days. It was also the second effective attack. Members of Ahrar Al-Alawi promise to repeat the attack», — Ukrainian Politeka edition tries to boost the morale.

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